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About company

Our company was founded in 2001 as Sokolov O.V., PE.

Oleg Sokolov, has been working in the road freight transport market since 2002.. Our company carries out transportation both by its own transport and by others. Currently, we have several own cars of different carrying capacity, and we also cooperate with many transport companies in Ukraine, which allows us to organize and organize transportation in any direction in the shortest possible time and with the greatest benefit for our customers.

Accreditation at customs, up-to-date Certificates of admission of the vehicle to transport goods under customs seals (“yellow certificate”), the presence of CMR - allows us to transport goods under customs control throughout Ukraine and beyond.

Membership in the Association of International Carriers of Ukraine (AsMAP), makes it possible to carry out transportation in the TIR customs transit system (it is possible to issue TiR-Carnet and ATI Carnet), the purpose of which is to simplify the transportation of goods under customs seals and seals in the implementation of international cargo transportation, to reduce delivery times cargo, eliminating delays when crossing borders, as well as providing the necessary guarantees for the safety and delivery of goods.

The license for domestic and international transport, the permits of our drivers and our vehicles allow us to transport dangerous goods (ADR), n accordance with the provisions of the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. Rules for the carriage of dangerous goods by road.

Company reliability

All goods transported by us are insured – CMR-insurance, BOL-insurance of the carrier and liability insurance of the forwarder.

We cooperate with insurance companies PJSC "IC Persha" и PJSC "IC "UNIQA". When we provide freight forwarding services, the following risks are insured: loss, destruction, damage to cargo accepted for transportation.

All our vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation systems, which allow the driver to quickly and optimally find the destination, and GPS surveillance systems, which allow our employees to track the location of our rolling stock at any time.